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f20k's Journal

12 April 1989
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  • f20k@livejournal.com
I am f20k. I live in Ontario, go to school at the University of Toronto's Computer Engineering 3rd year in Sept 2009. I don't socialize much, despite having a livejournal page. I joined it partly as a way to release (mostly negative) thoughts. I don't write a whole lot because a) it begins to bore me b) I doubt anyone reads c) I doubt anyone cares d) I think people get tired of reading.

Most of my interests lie on the internet. I have a short memory. I lack motivation, spirit, focus, purpose, particularly when it comes to people, fitness, and overall direction in life. Yes, in one word, lazy.

I would eventually like to work for a software company, preferably making games or applications. No, I don't really have much experience in that. I would like to gain experience but they are so many languages, its hard to decide what to learn.

Its summer right now so I basically sit and watch movies or play ps2 games. Again, I lack motivation to learn new languages. When I'm bored I Photoshop random things and change the CSS code of pages I visit often.

When I think of more stuff, I'll add it on.