Stylish - Part 2
Back again with more styles for websites.

This time, I'll show you my styles for the hotmail login page.

Here's what I'm talking about.

As you can see, its plain, ugly, and once again, too bright for my eyes.

Lets give it a better color scheme. Here's a style I came up with a year or so ago.
I forgot where I got the background from though.

As you can see, stylish allows you to change anything including the background, content placement, link colors and can even be used to replace images.
(For example the Windows Live logo).

Here's my current style. I came up with it a week or two ago.

Though my two styles have completely different color schemes and backgrounds, their stylish code is incredibly similar.
Now that I've written the code I have a base example to start with so I have less code to re-write in case I want to create a new style.

Credit for the background goes to manicho from deviantart with his 'ecto' wallpaper (cobalt version)

Anyway that's it for now.

Next time I'll post about one of my favorite style sets.

Stylish - Part 1
I've wanted to blog about this for awhile now, and today I've finally gotten around to doing it.

'This' being Stylish - a lovely Firefox add-on that allows you to customize the appearance of websites. It can be found here for free.
Basically it allows you to change the CSS code of websites.

Why would I want to do that?
Well, maybe you're like me and you love to customize stuff on your computer. Customizing websites might just be the next step.

Or maybe this thought crossed your mind:
"If I'm gonna look at this damn thing all day, every day, then it damn well better look good."
Yep, some websites I have to visit look pretty ugly (e.g. university website - blackboard).
Other times, the websites look really bright and it blinds my eyes.
That's why I go with mostly dark themes.

But what if I don't know CSS? Or I'm too lazy to code??
Well that's fine too. The developer, np, has setup a website where you can load styles that someone has already written.

I used previously written ones at first, they provide a good starting point and sometimes come with neat tricks.
However if you really want it to look a certain way, then you should try coding.

Here's an example of my IGoogle page without Stylish (or Adblock):

Here it is with my IGoogle Dark theme (and Adblock):

See the (major) difference?

Here's a link to the code if you're interested.

Next time I'll talk about a different site I've customized

Summer Days
In an effort to alleviate some boredom and to finally update my livejournal page, I will be posting an entry.

It's June. Thank God I have passed exams and am going into third year. I have actually found a job working at the produce section of a supermarket. I did that too last summer and hopefully it will go well. (It starts one week from today).

Aside from that, I just bum around at home. I spend most of the day playing ps2, particularly Odin Sphere. It's a very fun game, I bought it back during reading week. I am about 5/7 done the game. Aside from that, I watch anime and browse through all my favorite websites.

Also, I am planning to get my driver's license this summer. Yes, despite being 20, I don't have one. I'm not a particular fan of driving, or cars, or a so called 'freedom' it provides. But it so happens having a 2nd available driver is useful and the health card is no longer being accepted as ID. Anyway, I'm quite sure I gonna fail the rules section of the online quiz. Right now, they're all just words that correspond to each other because of logic or the solutions handbook. They don't have much meaning at the moment and I don't really understand many of the terms or concepts.

No way..
Link here
coming April 2009? with new fma series?

on a side note. im screwed for midterms

damn so much work to do. argh. but on the bright side, i found out how to put a user pic.
so much snow outside. been too cold over the past week. dammit canada.
sigh.. why can't i write a program to do my hw?

on a side note, i hate everything.
except cats.

2 down, 3 to go.
up next: digital logic.

yay for 3 weeks of vacation.

on another note, i played (and finished) halo 3 + gears of war 2.
when i should have been studying.
must draw my own master chief.

zOMG code geass is finished!
sigh. there goes another great anime. Such a great ending to it.
of course i wanted lelouch to finally take over the world.
but then again, like any other good story, a person such as lelouch
cannot be the ruler.

well. he became ruler of the world, just like i wanted.
and just like any tragedy, he had to die. in doing so, he makes way
for a better ruler, a brighter future for the rest of the world.

he won. everything went according to his plan. defeated his father,
his brother. nunnally's blindness is cured. And she's got a future now,
back in the kingdom of britannia. and cc is together with lelouch.
waiit. what was her wish? darn. oh well.
and LOL WTF. Anya with Jeremiah???? how random...

onto the next anime...


holy crap. die already. geez. useless woman. i swear you died like a season ago. zomg. why wont u die. u'll never be as good as euphy. fail. die.
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omg. ALL HAIL LELOUCH. 99th emperor of britannia!!!!!!! i dont care what u say. best show evarrrrr. ALL HAIL LELOUCH!!!!

wisdom teeth removed
so i had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. (4 of them) i was asleep the whole time - sedated. but the recovery yesterday was very painful. couldn't move my jaw. not to mention a couple of strips gauss were in my mouth. and lots of blood! i couldnt even spit it out without hurting so it just kinda drooled out. lol.

anywho. its day two of recovery. i can talk now. still cant eat meat. or bread. or fruit. all i eat is jello and mashed potatoes. which dont taste as good since i cant chew or move my jaw. moving it up and down a little is okay. side-to-side is kinda painful. i think my right jaw is swollen. probably cut rather deep there. i still spit out blood. oh and i can feel the damn string used in the stitches. it feels like floss is stuck on my teeth. soo annoying. dissolve already dammit.

sigh.. i want ice cream..


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